Living Conditions of Lebanese Households in 2015

“Poverty is the worse form of violence.” According to the 2015 Mercer Consulting survey, Beirut’s quality of living ranked 181 among 250 countries in the region and 15th in the Middle East. In fact, the recent major survey issued by The Consultative Center for Studies and Documentation, under the name of “Households living Conditions in Lebanon 2015”, conducted during the years 2014-2015, identified deprivation rates at the regional level, provided evidence of the geographic distribution of poverty and established that wide disparities existed between the peripheral and central regions of the country.

The survey included the results of the household living conditions and included more than 6,000 Lebanese families in all areas, with the exception of Syrian and Palestinian refugees and non-Lebanese families residing in collective housing such as hotels, hospitals and prison inmates. Moreover, the survey monitored 5 key indicators: educational status, housing, housing services, health status, as well as household economic conditions.

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Lebanese Living conditions 2015

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