In a Nutshell: The “CEDRE” Conference & the Capital Investment Plan to Lift Lebanon’s Infrastructure

Quick Facts: Six Lebanese Realities

  • 50% or 1.2M tons of Lebanon’s Municipal Solid Waste, MSW, are dumped in “illegal” sites.
  • Displaced Syrians incurred $313M in energy costs last year, or $1.33B by 2020. More than 45% of households’ electrical connections are “not on EDL’s grid”.
  • Most regions lack Fiber Connection today, which keeps the connectivity low and/or slow.
  • “Environmental degradation costs” driven by untreated wastewater deducted 2.1% of Lebanon’s GDP. (World Bank, 2003)
  • Lebanon has a 40% water supply deficit which climbed to a 50% deficit post-Syrian crisis. (National Water Sector Strategy NWSS, 2010)
  • The quality of transport infrastructure in Lebanon “is not equally distributed […], with border and rural areas suffering the most” (CIP Report, 2018), knowing that efficient transport networks foster economic growth & nurture quintessential social objectives.

In a nutshell, learn all about the hype regarding the CEDRE Conference April 2018, the Lebanese Government’s Capital Investment Plan (CIP), and how much the Lebanese government is pledging and how.

Capital Investment Summary (in $M, excluding land expropriation)




“CEDRE” Investment (Cycle 1)                                  


Cycle 2


Water and Irrigation2,1517222,873
Solid Waste1,4001,400
Tourism Infrastructure84180264

Industrial Zones Infrastructure

                    0*                  (*Phase 1 of the 3 new industrial zones is funded by the European Investment Bank & Italian UNIDO). 




Grand TOTAL10,1065,42915,535


  • Quick Facts: Six Lebanese Realities
  • Current Framework: The CEDRE (Paris IV) Conference
  • The CIP: Rationale and Objectives
  • CIP per Sector for the CEDRE (Cycle 1 “Investment”, pledging $10B in total):
    1. Transport Infrastructure
    2. Water and Irrigation Networks
    3. Wastewater
    4. Electricity
    5. Telecom
    6. Solid Waste
    7. Tourism and Industry Infrastructure
  • Wrap Up

To access the full report, kindly follow the  link:

In a Nutshell: The “CEDRE” Conference and the Capital Investment Plan

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