BLOM Bank’s BOD Convened on Apr. 11, 2017 – Notice to Shareholders

In reference to BLOM Bank’s previous general assembly and dividend distribution announcement in March 2018, BLOM’s Board of Directors (BoD) convened in Beirut on April 11th as scheduled, approving the bank’s accounts for 2017. Also as previously calculated, dividend distribution amounted to LBP 364,338,205 to Holders of Common Listed Shares, at an amount of LBP 1,700 per share or $1.13/share ($1.02/share after 10% tax).

In its notice, BLOM reiterated that dividends will be paid through Midclear S.A.L. starting April 17, 2018 for the holders of Common Listed Shares according to the records of Midclear S.A.L as at 16 April, 2018 (Record Date), with Thursday April 12th being the Ex-dividend date.

As for BLOM GDR Holders, dividends are expected to be settled by Bank Of New York Mellon starting April 24, 2018.


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