Lebanese Alpha Banks in 2017 : Key Metrics

The Alpha Group’s[1] total assets registered an increase in 2017, in large part due to higher domestic assets. According to Bank Data, the Alpha Group’s total assets rose by 6.6% year-on-year to $232.98B in 2017. Domestic assets, which constitute 84.25% of total assets, registered an 8.00% annual upturn to $196.29B while foreign assets, representing 15.75% of total assets, registered a 0.04% yearly increase to $36.69B.

The lending activity of Lebanese Alpha Banks also grew in 2017 on account of domestic lending. The tough operating environment in the foreign countries where Lebanese Alpha banks operate translated into a decline in foreign lending. Although total loans to customers registered an annual uptick of 1.7% to $66.51B, foreign loans declined by a yearly 9.2% to $17.34B and domestic loans grew by an annual 6.1% to $49.17B.

[1] Top Lebanese Banks with more than $2B in deposits

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Lebanese Alpha Banks in 2017 – Key Metrics

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