Port of Beirut’s Revenues Increased in April 2018

The revenues of the Port of Beirut increased by 4.22% from $18.93 Million in April 2017 to $19.73 Million in April 2018. Despite the increase in revenues, the number of ships that docked at the Port of Beirut decreased from 156 in April 2017 to 147 in April 2018. Also, the volume of the merchandise passing through the port declined by 7.91% to reach 626.2 thousand tons in April 2018 down from 680 thousand tons in April 2017. Following the same trend, the number of cars shipped to Lebanon decreased from 10,646 cars in April 2017 to 7,138 cars in April 2018. The total container activity (including transshipment) also decreased by 1.74% and reached 101,523 TEU (twenty foot equivalent unit) in April 2018 compared to last year’s value of 103,324 TEU.

Total transshipment volume at the Port of Beirut declined by a yearly 5.43% to 29,606 TEU in April 2018.

In fact, the two biggest companies operating at the Port of Beirut saw a decline in their transshipment volumes. MSC’s transshipment volume has seen a decrease of 5.82% from 13,701 TEU in April 2017 to 12,904 TEU in April 2018. Also, CMA CGM’s transshipment volume plunged by 24.90% from 14,188 TEU in April 2017 to 10,655 TEU in April 2018.

Port of Beirut’s Revenues by April of each Year ($)

Port of Beirut’s Revenues Increased in April 2018

Source: Port of Beirut


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