Daily Capital Markets’ Performance


Discover today’s performance of BLOM indices, the closing prices of Lebanese stocks and Eurobonds, as well as the exchange rate of major currencies against the LBP.

BLOM Stock Index (BSI)

 LastPrevious% ChangeY-t-D Change
Val ($)1,136,289873,220


I): Today’s Performance


BLOM preferred Shares Index (BPSI): Today’s Performance

 LastPrevious Change
Volume 1,705900


 Lebanese Stocks: Today’s Trades and Closing Prices

 Last Price ($)% ChangeVolumeVWAP ($)
Solidere A7.23-0.27%        67,9687.18
Solidere B7.05-4.47%        35,7447.1
Bank Audi Pref. Class J93.5-2.50%          1,00093.5
Byblos Bank1.45-0.68%        10,3001.45
Byblos Bank Pref Class 200890.9-0.10%            45590.9
Byblos Bank Pref Class 200990.9-1.14%            25090.9
Blom Bank GDR10.5-0.56%        21,00010.5
Holcim Liban15.52.85%            10015.5



 The BLOM Stock Index

Daily Capital Markets’ Performance

Lebanese Global Depository Receipts: Last session’s Performance

GDRsLast Price ($)Previous Price ($)% ChangeVolumeValue ($)
BLOM GDR10.510.50.0%5,000
Audi GDR5.152.0%3,491
Byblos GDR75750.0%0 –


Source: London Stock Exchange

Closing Date: 28 June 2018

BLOM BOND INDEX: Last Session’s Performance

 *between Lebanese Eurobonds and US Treasuries 

Closing Date: 28 June 2018

Lebanese Eurobonds: Last Sessions’ Prices and Yields

 LastPreviousChangeY-t-D Change
Weighted Yield9.88%9.75%13bps
Duration (Years)4.904.91
5Y Bond Yield10.02%9.84%18bps
5Y Spread*72971316bps
10Y Bond Yield10.47%10.29%18bps
10Y Spread*76374617bps






 Last PricePrevious% ChangeY-t-D
$/LBP           1,514.25     1,514.25 –
€/LBP           1,754.58     1,745.840.50%
£/LBP           1,982.06     1,972.260.50%
NEER              115.12        115.12 –0.00%



Closing Date: 29 June 2018



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