BDL’s Total Assets increased by a monthly 1.53% in Mid-July 2018


The balance sheet of the Lebanese Central Bank (BdL) revealed that total assets reached $130.76B in mid- July 2018, recording a 1.53% increase from Mid-June’s 2018 level.

BDL’s Foreign assets (constituting 33.95% of total assets) declined by 0.52% on a month-on-month (m-o-m) basis, to stand at $44.40B in mid-July 2018. In their turn, Securities portfolio (21.53% of total assets) decreased by 0.55% compared to mid-July 2018 to reach $28.15B. Similarly, The value of gold reserves (8.75% of total assets) recorded a drop of 4.91% on a m-o-m basis to reach $11.44B. This can be explained by a drop of 2.82% in gold prices over the same period. In fact , the gold recorded a price of $1.274 per ounce on mid-June 2018 against $1.240 per ounce in mid-July 2018.

On the other hand, Loans to the local financial sector (18.92% of total assets) increased by 8.51. % m-o-m, to $24.74B over the same period.

On the liabilities side, Public sector deposits (5% of the total liabilities ) declined 4.43% m-o-m to $6.55B in mid-July 2018  while Financial sector deposits (82.76% of total liabilities) increased by 2.41% m-o-m to $108.22B. This rise is explained by the new financial engineering scheme. In details, BDL provided loans with low interest rates at 2% in Lebanese pound to the banks and agreed with banks to deposit 125% of the amounts the former granted them at a 10.5% interest to be blocked over the next 10 years , in exchange for foreign currency deposits.

 Total Assets at BDL in mid-July (in $B)

BDL’s Total Assets increased by a monthly 1.53% in Mid-July 2018

Source: BDL


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