The Lebanese Economy in 2018: Time for Drastic Reforms


A lot of questions are being asked in these past few months on “where the Lebanese economy is headed; or how critical is it this time?”, given the prolonged political impasse still ongoing which triggered a loss of confidence towards the country.

The report analyses the current developments in Lebanon’s real, financial, monetary, fiscal, and external sectors in comparison to previous years. It also highlights the emergence of 5 “recessionary facets” in 2018 and how these are mirrored on Lebanon’s capital markets.

The study concludes with an urgent call for tangible “economic achievements”, given practical and implemented reforms must immediately begin supporting investors’ confidence and contributing to the real GDP growth.


To catch up on where the Lebanese economy really is today, follow the link for the full report:

The Lebanese Economy in 2018: Time for Drastic Reforms

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