Trading of BLC’s Newly Issued Preferred “E” shares on BSE starts Monday October 29, 2018

In reference to BLC’s Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting conducted on May 10, 2018 which decided to raise the bank’s capital, the newly issued 263,510 number of Preferred “E” (Pref E) shares will be priced, listed, and trading on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) Monday October 29, 2018 as per the following:

  • Nominal value: LBP 1,000 (USD 0.66) per share
  • Issuance Price: USD 100 per share
  • Annual Return: 7% of issuance price
  • The shares will be non-cumulative and redeemable.
  • Bank’s capital is thereby increased from LBP 214.75B ($142.45M) to LBP 215.01B ($142.62M).


Type of BLC SharesNumber of shares
BLC Common Shares, of which:
BLC Listed71,033,333
BLC Non-listed142,616,667
BLC Preferred Shares, of which:
Pref “C”350,000
Pref “D”750,000
Pref “E”263,510
TOTAL Number of Shares215,013, 510M

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange, BLC

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