Lebanon’s Global Competitiveness Index: A Long Way Ahead


Multiple reports and the latest social feeds continue to highlight Lebanon’s grim economic outlook, the reason why identifying new strategies to nurture Lebanon’s growth today is crucial.  In this report, we consult the performance of our country on the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), to pinpoint national barriers to a modern “multi-dimensional growth”.

Lebanon’s GCI ranking and scores are analyzed and measured against three sub-indices: Basic requirements, Efficiency enhancers, and Innovation & sophistication factors. Ultimately, the analyses and index reveal that the best way forward – for Lebanon & modern economies suffering sluggish growth – is through public policy and economic growth that focuses more on human well-being, similar to the historical “welfare state”. The WEF, an international organization for public-private collaboration, generates the GCI and we use it to compare Lebanon’s performance on 12 determinants (pillars) of growth to some Arab counterparts and the Middle East and Africa region (MENA).   


  1. Context: Nurturing “human welfare” alongside growth
  2. The GCI: Pillars, Overall Score, & Rank
  3. Lebanon’s GCI: Overall Rank & Scores
  4. GCI Scores Comparison: Lebanon, the Arab World, & MENA
  5. Lebanon’s Most Problematic Factors
  6. Final Thoughts: The Welfare State, Public Policy & Multi-dimensional Growth 

To enjoy the full report, kindly follow the link: Lebanon’s Global Competitiveness Index: A Long Way Ahead

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