Value of Cleared Checks Down by 16.71% in January 2019 to $4.9B

According to the Association of Banks (ABL), the total value of cleared checks retreated by a yearly 16.71% to stand at $4.9B in January 2019. Similarly, the total number of checks over the same period declined by an annual 15.61% to 860,158 checks.

In details, the value and number of checks denominated in Lebanese Pounds recorded down ticks of 4.18% and 3.59% year-on-year (y-o-y) to $1.89B and 372,653 checks, respectively. As for checks denominated in foreign currency, their number and value retreated from 632,694 checks worth $3.95B in January 2018 to 487,505 checks worth $ 3.05B in January 2019.

As such, the dollarization rate of cleared checks slipped in volume and value from 62.08% and 66.76% in Jan. 2018, to 56.68% and 62.13%, respectively, in January 2018.

Regarding returned checks, it is worthy to note that the number and value of those rose by 8.94% and 7.65% y-o-y to reach 23,998 checks worth $131M, over the same period.

Value of Cleared Checks in January (in $M)

Value of Cleared Checks Down by 16.71% in January 2019 to $4.9B

Source: ABL

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