Airport Activity Registered Noticeable Improvement in 2018

The Rafic Hariri International Airport activity significantly improved, as the total number of passengers increased by a yearly 7.88% to 8.89M, its highest record in more than a decade.

In details, both the number of arrivals to Lebanon and departures registered substantial increases during the year. The number of arrivals rose by a yearly 7.58% y-o-y to 4.44M in 2018, and departures recorded a yearly surge of 7.09% to reach 4.40M by December 2018, compared to 4.11M by December 2017.

However, the number of transit passengers plunged further this year dropping from 4,890 passengers by December 2017 to 4,093 passengers by December 2017.

Total Number of Passengers by December (in Millions)

 Airport Activity Registered Noticeable Improvement in 2018

Source: Rafic Hariri International Airport

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