Bank of Beirut Approved Distribution of its 2018 Dividends  

Bank of Beirut’s (BOB) general assembly convened on May 06, 2019 at the bank’s headquarters in Beirut to approve the 2018 financial statements. BOB also declared the distribution of 2018 gross dividends, as depicted in the following table:


BOB Share Type


Gross Dividend Payment

Dividend per share                  (before 10% distribution tax)  

Nbr. of Shares

Preferred “G” * $8.43M $2.3625 3,570,000
Preferred “H” $9.45M $1.75 5,400,000
Preferred “I” $8.44M $1.6875 5,000,000
Preferred “J” $4.88M $1.6250 3,000,000
Preferred “K” $6.5M $1.6250 4,000,000
Priority Shares Class 2014 $4M $0.84 4,762,000
Common shares, of which: $42.53M $0.762 56,234,900
Listed 20,796,417
Non-listed 35,438,483

“*” corresponds to shares not currently listed on BSE.

In fact, gross dividends on preferred shares amounted to $37.69M, while dividend payments on Common shares (listed & non-listed), including priority 2014 shares totaled $46.53M.    

It is worthy to note that BOB plans to pay dividends through Midclear on May 15, 2019, with record date being May 10, 2019 and ex-dividend date May 08th.  

Source: BSE


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