Consumer Price Index Reached 101.01 in August

Inflation rate reached 2.73% year-on-year (y-o-y) where the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased to 101.01 in August 2014, compared to 98.32 in the same month last year (noting that this level is adjusted on the new base of 100 in December 2013).

“Food and non-alcoholic beverages” sub-index, with a weight of 20.6% of the CPI, increased by 2.51%, y-o-y to 99.86. Similarily, “Actual rent” Sub-index and “Water, electricity, gas, and other fuels” index saw a yearly rise of 0.32% and 4.63% to 100.32 and 102.43, respectively.

“Clothing and footwear” sub-index and “Alcoholic beverages, tobacco” sub-index experienced the highest surges of 20.03% and 12.10% to 114.97 and 105.89, respectively.

 In contrast, “Communication” and “Transportation” sub-indices were the only two to plunge, dropping by 23.84% and 0.85% y-o-y, to 76.16 and 101.31, respectively. This was due to the decrease in telecommunication prices that occurred the beginning of June, and the fall in fuel prices.

On a month-to-month basis, the month of August recorded 0.24% inflation from 100.77 points in July. On a regional level, Beirut was the only district to undergo an increase in price of 0.44%. In Mount Lebanon, prices stayed constant since last month. All other districts experienced a drop in price, the highest in Bekaa with a 0.64% monthly change.

CPI in August

Consumer Price Index Reached 101.01 in August

Source: CAS

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