Family Medical Center worth $20M Opens in Zgharta

A new hospital, Family Medical Center (FMC), will officially open late September in Zgharta. FMC is a 12,500 sqm center consisting of 5 floors and 120 beds and is entirely furnished by high-tech medical equipment. The criteria used for building the $20M hospital are similar to the ones used for 5-star hotels.

FMC would offer all kinds of medical services except heart operations, but they would collaborate with Tripoli Hospital to provide its patients with this service.

The hospital will supply about 250 jobs at start and 400 jobs within a year.

Finally, the main objective for building the hospital is to improve the quality of medical services offered.

Family Medical Center
OwnersJosianne Mouawad, Habib Chidiac, Kayssar Mouawad
Size12,500 sqm- 120 beds
Services ProvidedAll medical services except heart surgeries
number of physicians90

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