Persisting Public Deficiencies Hinder Lebanon’s Education Sector

As discussions on approving the wage scale are ongoing, however in their final stages, it is important to shed the light on the education sector as the educational body in the public sector constitutes a large component of public salaries with more than 41,000 teachers by the end of 2013.

Landscape of the Lebanese Education

While preserving its standing as one of the foremost civil rights in the world, education enjoys a high positioning in Lebanon and constitutes a substantial barometer of the country’s socio-economic status. With more than 1.26M enrolled students, the yearly performance of education will surely have direct and indirect impacts on the Lebanese economy and population. In this context, education positively contributed over the past few years to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with a value added share1 hovering around 6%.

2014-05-Persisting Public Deficiencies Hinder Lebanon’s Education Sector

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