The BSI declined on Tuesday

 The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) ended Tuesday in the red, with a 0.32% decrease to 1,169.26 points, following the trade of 559,093 shares worth $1,512,809. The BSI registered a gain of 1.67% since year start and a 1.95% increase compared to its value a year ago. The banking sector grasped a 90.18% majority of total traded value; largely due to the cross-trading of 414,019 Byblos listed shares. 539,582 Byblos listed shares were traded in total, with the share price declining 0.61% to $1.62 per share. In addition, BLOM Bank listed shares and Byblos Bank Preferred 2009 shares were traded without any changes in price. In the real estate sector, both Solidere “A” and “B” shares witnessed respective decreases of 0.58% and 2.32% to close at $11.92$ per share and $11.81 per share.

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