Works Launched in the Port of Tripoli and the Port of Jounieh

Two years ago, a $60M, 600 m long, 15.5m deep quay was built at the Port of Tripoli. Just recently, Businessnews reported that infrastructure works on the new quay will begin early next year. Local contractor Mouawad-Edde is set to handle the first phase of these works over a 50,000 square meter plot near the quay, which will allow for the terminal to process up to 400,000 containers annually. Phase Two of the project will allow the terminal to process 800,000 containers. Through a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT), The UAE-based Gulftainer will handle the finance, design, construction and operation of the facility for the next 25 years.

As for the Jounieh Port, it is set to be transformed from the shipping port it is today to a tourist hosting hub. The project is worth $500,000, shall be completed in 2015 and will allow the port of Jounieh to host 600 passengers/day.

The Municipality of Jounieh is also planning to build a tourist port in Kaslik. The Project has been reported to cost $40M and to attract charters able to transport 2,000 passengers.

Tripoli Customs and VAT Revenues

in USD Customs Revenues VAT Revenues
2010                                             64,467,217                                                102,205,687
2011                                                42,762,403                                                107,081,467
2012                                                37,304,848                                                  66,154,425
2013                                                46,319,429                                                  56,400,302


Source: Ministry of Finance

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