HOLCIM’s Net Income reached $9.38M end of H1 2014

HOLCIM’s net income rose by 15.17% year-on-year (y-o-y), to $9.38M end of H1 2014, due to the 4.92% increase in net sales to $93.21M and the 0.83% drop in production costs to $37.95M.

On the balance sheet, total assets fell by 3.80% since last year to $269.21M by June 2014. This was due to the decrease in inventories and in cash and cash equivalents by 5.12% and 60.60% to $37.95M and $9.49M.

On the liabilities side, accounts payable and accruals plunged by 43.78% to $22.23M.

Total equity lost 0.83% to $64.57M, although retained earnings surged by 19.16% to $31.21M.




HOLCIM 2014 Financial Highlights (In $M)



20142013% change
Net Income                     93.21                     88.844.92%
Net Sales                       9.38                       8.1415.17%
Total Assets                   269.21                   279.83-3.80%
Shareholders’ Equity                   221.68                   214.863.17%

Source: Company Data

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