BSE Progressed for the Second Day on September 25

Activity on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) progressed for the second day, where the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) gained 0.20% to reach 1,172.22 points. Trade occurred at a frail volume of 17,893 shares worth $229,832. The real estate sector grasped a share of 54.66% of total traded value, where Solidere “A” and “B” shares inched up by 0.77% and 1.28%, to end today’s session at $11.80 and $11.86, respectively. In the banking sector, Byblos preferred 2009 shares lost 0.10% to $100.50. BLOM listed shares and Audi listed shares were traded with no change in price. In the industrial sector, HOLCIM shares exchanged hands with no change in price.

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