BDL’s Circular 331: “The State of Play” in Putting Lebanon on the IT Map

Lebanon witnessed the birth of startup companies by the time the Central Bank issued Circular 331 on August 22nd 2013. The Circular had as the main purpose the improvement of the Lebanese eco-system along with stimulation of investments in start-up companies, and the promotion of entrepreneurs.

For the past eight years, Central Bank’s circular 331 paved the way for several companies to convert their innovative ideas into reality not only through the financial support of the Circular 331, but also by uplifting the eco-system in Lebanon, and moving the country to one of the top five places regionally in the tech investments. So, in this note we will address the extent of the Central Bank circular in the Lebanese market, the Venture Capitals created to secure its function, in addition to the challenges and positive aspects added to the Lebanese eco-market.

Kindly follow the link for the full report:

BDL’s Circular 331

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