Turning Lebanese Electricity Crisis into a Great Opportunity: Is it time to invest in Solar Energy?

The electricity sector in Lebanon has been pulling down the economy for the last couple of decades. Fuel importation stood for nearly a quarter of the budget deficit while the national electricity demand exceeded its production capacity. The energy sector carried substantial losses year over year that totaled more than $40 billion and grasped about 45% of the country’s public debt.

Currently, Lebanon is sinking in total darkness as it is going through political and economic crises which led to the deterioration of the Lebanese pound. Consequently, Electricité du Liban (EDL) was not able to purchase fuel to generate power. Thus, Lebanese turned to costly and polluting diesel generators, off-grid solar plus battery systems; in addition, there is a strong appeal for solar panels that makes this a viable, reliable source of energy.

So, the aim in this paper is to present an overview of the solar system, its functional mechanism, the cost and efficiency of the panels, in order to help consumers make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions by organizing relevant information and defining alternatives.

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Turning Lebanese Electricity Crisis into a Great Opportunity


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