Bank of Beirut Increases Capital by $100,002,000

Bank of Beirut SAL has completed a $100,002,000 increase of its capital by way of issuing 4,762,000 “Series 2014 Priority” shares. The Priority Shares constitute a special class of the Bank’s common shares that benefit, for a limited time, from a non-cumulative Priority Dividend. These shares were listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange on Thursday the 16th of October 2014, with an issue price of $21.00 per common share. The issue price will consist of LBP1,350, and the difference between the issue price and the par value shall constitute an issue premium. The Series 2014 Priority shares will be offered to existing and new shareholders.

Performance of Bank of Beirut Shares

Bank of Beirut Increases Capital by $100,002,000

Source: BSE, Blominvest Research Department

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