Euro Lost 0.23% against the Dollar

Euro / LP1948.141952.66-0.23%
Euro / Dollar1.29231.2953-0.23%
NEER Index**136.01134.970.77%5.39%


The demand for the dollar steadied over the prior week as reflected by the Lebanese pound’s peg against the dollar that remained at $/LP 1,510-1,514 with a mid-price of $/LP 1,512, since last week. Foreign assets (excluding gold) at the Central Bank rose by a monthly 0.76% from $37.77B by July to $38.05B by end-August. Meanwhile, the dollarization rate of private sector deposits stood at 66.08% in July compared to 66.13% in December 2013.

The Euro remained on its downtrend this week due to the European Central Bank’s President announcing that the bank plans to start a form of quantitative easing in addition to a new cut in interest rates. Thus, the euro lost 0.23% against the dollar, closing at €/$ 1.2923 on Friday.

Speculations that the Federal Reserves might raise interest rates, by the middle of next year, strengthened the dollar and reduced the demand for its substitute gold, triggering a 1.61% weekly decline in its price from $1,260.84/ounce last week to $1,240.49/ounce on Thursday.

By Friday September 12th, 2014, 12:30 pm Beirut time, the dollar-pegged LP appreciated against the euro going from €/LP 1,952.66 to €/LP 1,948.14. The Nominal effective exchange Rate (NEER) added 0.77% to 136.01 points, with a 5.39% gain since year-start.

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