Activity on the Beirut Stock Exchange Picked Up

Activity on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) picked up today, where the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) added 0.20% to reach 1,178.53 points. The banking sector grasped a share of 51.20%, where Byblos’ listed shares gained 1.23% to $1.65, noting that 328 shares were cross traded. BLC’s preferred shares class “A” rose by 1.40% to $101.40. Audi’s listed shares also added 1.33% to $6.10 and Audi’s preferred shares class “E” inched up by 1.00% to $101.50. Meanwhile, Byblos’ preferred 2008 and 2009 shares exchanged hands without a change in price. In the real estate sector Solidere “A” and “B” shares dropped 0.66% and 0.74% to $12.01 and $12.02, respectively.

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