Analysis of Lebanon’s Balance of Payments: Q1 2020- Q1 2021 and the Policies in Between (Part 1)

For a country like Lebanon, that is open, export based, and global, the balance of payments is perhaps the most congenial mirror that reflects the state of the Lebanese economy. This is especially the case in the past two-and-half years, when Lebanon has gone through all kinds of economic and financial mishaps: currency and banking crises, default, twin deficits, capital flight, import subsidies and smuggling, not to mention severe and worsening rates of poverty. To analyze these painful developments through the prism of the balance of payments, we will look into Lebanon’s external accounts — as compiled by BDL based on the IMF’s 5th BOP Manual —  for the full year 2020 and Q1 2021 (the latter being the latest published date for the data).

Kindly follow the link for the full report:

BOP 2021

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