Number of Airport Passengers Up by yearly 65.05% By July 2022

The activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport improved remarkably in the first seven month of 2022. The number of Beirut’s International airport passengers added 65.05% and recorded 3,389,753 passengers by July 2022 compared to 2,053,800 passengers during the same period last year.

The breakdown of the airport’s statistics revealed that total arrivals jumped by 62.39% year-on-year (YOY) to stand at 1,764,667 by July 2022. By the same token, the number of departing passengers climbed by a yearly 73.80% to reach 1,606,160 over the same period. Nevertheless, transit passengers decreased from 42,968 by July 2021 to 18,926 transit passengers by July 2022.

For the month of July 2022 alone, airport passengers reached 821,881 passengers up from 610,220 in July 2021, with 460,018 arrivals and 358,476 departures instead of 355,979 and 245,691, respectively, in July 2021. Meanwhile transit passengers stood at 3,387 down from 8,550 same month last year.

Unsurprisingly, month of July brought further improvement of the activity in Rafic Hariri International Airport with the number of arriving passengers remained marginally higher than the number of departing passengers for the second consecutive month in 2022. However, the numbers are still limited compared to years of 2019 but expectations are high as the outlook for the tourism sector is positive for the month of August.

Beirut’s Airport Activity By July

Number of Airport Passengers Up by yearly 65.05% By July 2022

Source: Beirut International Airport, BlomInvest

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