Lebanese Agricultural Sector at a Glance

The agricultural sector in Lebanon is one of the main pillars of the Lebanese economy. Despite revealing prominent signs of improvement after the financial crisis, it remained below the country’s potential capacity as it is facing major challenges as a result of the ongoing socioeconomic and financial crises.

The exceptional fertile soil, moderate weather and relatively rich water resources constituted key factors for the Lebanese agricultural sector. The sector represents an important source of revenue for Lebanese people especially in rural areas. In fact, according to the International Labor Organization, agricultural employment grasps a small share of total employment in Lebanon and dropped from 14% in 2010 to 13% in 2015 to end up at 11% by 2019. Nevertheless, the share of the agricultural employment stood relatively higher in 1991 and constituted 21% of total employment, but the structural transformation in the Lebanese economy has led to shares of agriculture in employment almost always accompanied by serious problems in closing the gap in labor productivity between agricultural and non-agricultural activities.

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Lebanese Agricultural Sector at a Glance

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