Number of Airport Passengers Up by yearly 52.01% By October 2022

The activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport improved remarkably in 2022. The number of Beirut’s International airport passengers added 52.01% YOY and recorded 5,354,376 passengers by September 2022 compared to 3,522,442 passengers during the same period last year.

The breakdown of the airport’s statistics revealed that total arrivals jumped by 56.05% year-on-year (YOY) to stand at 2,607,315 by October 2022, while number of departing passengers climbed by a yearly 52.03% to reach 2,717,832 over the same period. Nevertheless, transit passengers decreased from 63,987 by October 2021 to 29,229 transit passengers by October 2022.

When looking at the annual changes; for the month of October 2022 alone, airport passengers reached 520,347 passengers up from 414,964 in October 2021, with        245,085 arrivals and 272,331 departures instead of 192,837 and 216,721, respectively, in October 2021. Meanwhile transit passengers stood at 2,931 down from 5,406 same month last year.

As for the monthly changes, the activity at Rafic Hariri International Airport deteriorated in October, since total passengers decreased remarkably by 19.92% (or by 129,461 passengers) in October compared to the month of September. In fact, arrivals and departures fell respectively by 12.13% and 26% in October, as it reflects a low season activity.

Lebanon is expected to inject $1.5B in cash from an influx of around 700,000 visitors over the coming few weeks. Although, the upcoming holiday season would provide a cash boost, however the revenues would only bring short term relief for the ailing economy, unless followed by a political breakthrough.

Beirut’s Airport Activity by October 2022

Number of Airport Passengers Up by yearly 52.01% By October 2022

Source: Beirut International Airport, BlomInvest

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