BLC Bank’s Net Profits Increase to $33.98M by September

BLC Bank consolidated income statement revealed 43.64% yearly surge in net profits to $33.98M in September 2014. This can be mainly attributed to the 25.11% and 2.35% year-on-year rises in net interest income and net fee and commission income that stood at $97.86M and $14.18M, respectively.   On the statement of financial position, total assets revealed a 3.88% year-to-date (y-t-d) increase to $5.33B, by the end of the third quarter (Q3), 2014, mostly due to the 3.44% growth, since year start, in loans and advances to customers, standing at $1.94B.   Looking at the liabilities side, customers’ deposits narrowed 2.08% y-t-d to $4.21B, by September 2014.   Meanwhile, shareholders’ equity grew by 5.98%, since the beginning of the year, to $467.52M, end of September 2014.     BLC Bank’s Financial Highlights

Sep-14 Dec-13 %change
Total Assets                  5.33              5.13 3.88%
Loans and Advances to Customers                  1.94              1.88 3.44%
Customers’ Deposits                  4.21              4.30 -2.08%
Shareholders’ Equity (in $M)              467.52          441.16 5.98%
Profit/Loss (in $M)                33.98            23.66 43.64%
(*): As of September 2013
Source: BSE News

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