BDL’s Total Assets Narrowed 1.29% to $85.70 end of 2014


The Central Bank’s (BDL) balance sheet exposed a 1.29% monthly drop in total assets to $85.70B by end of December, 2014.


The bank’s foreign assets ticked down by 2.23% to $37.86B, below its $38.87B high end of October, but remained at a very high level. Meanwhile loans to the local financial sector grew by 8.08% to $4.22B. Concurrently, its securities portfolio widened by 0.42% to $13.98B.


Gold reserves inched up 0.19% from November, to $10.95B.


On the liabilities side, financial sector deposits grew by 0.13% month-on-month to $67.49B, whereas public sector deposits declined 11.02% to $6.05B by end of 2014.


Worth mentioning that BDL is planning a $1B stimulus credit package for 2015 aimed at maintaining growth and supporting the economy. The stimulus package will provide housing loans and aid for environment and renewable energy projects.


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