Lebanese Tourism Sector in 2014

In 2014, Lebanon continued to suffer from the spillovers of the raging Syrian war. The fragile security situation has been weighing on the tourism and hospitality sectors for the past four years.

The number of tourist arrivals increased by a yearly 6% to 1.35M In 2014, the first upturn since 2011. The number of Arab tourists, represented the largest share of 34% in the total, and increased by 15% y-o-y to 460,822. This increase mainly stemmed from the 33% upturn in the number of incoming Iraqis to 189,156. However, Iraqi visitors regard Lebanon as a refuge from hostilities in their country rather than a leisure destination. The number of incoming Egyptians also increased by a yearly 9% to reach 69,179 in 2014. The number of Saudi tourists, representing 10% of total Arab tourists, increased by 12% to 45,788…

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 Tourism Sector in 2014

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