The Positive Performance of the Banking Sector Fails to Boost the Lebanese Bourse on Monday

The Lebanese Bourse started the week with a minor decrease as the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) edged down by 0.05% to close at 1,224.22 points. Despite the fact that 5 out of the 7 traded stocks experienced positive performance, this slip was triggered by the 2.20% decline in Solidere class “A” shares to $11.10. Meanwhile, class “B” shares gained 0.36% to end the session at $11.16. In the banking sector, Byblos Bank listed and BLOM Bank GDR shares increased by 1.17% and 0.50% to $1.73 and $10.05, respectively. In addition, Bank of Beirut preferred class “E” and “H” improved by a similar 0.95% rate to settle at the same price of $26.50, while Bank of Beirut preferred class “J” shares traded with no change in price.

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