BEMO Bank Posted $3.14M Net Profit in Q1 2015

BEMO Bank recorded a net profit of $3.14M in Q1 2015 compared to $2.73M over the same period in 2014. In details, interest expense increased by 4.24% year-on-year (y-o-y) to $10.90M, outpacing the annual 3.80% surge in interest income to $16.93M in March 2015. Consequently, net interest income grew by 3.02% to register $6.04M over the same period. In addition, the 18.08% increase in “net fees and commission income” to $1.08M pushed net profit upwards in Q1.

On the balance sheet, total assets rose from $1.48B in Q1 2014 to $1.50B in Q1 2015. This is due to total loans and advances to customers augmenting from $642.58M to $654.78M.

On the liability side, 2015’s Q1 customer deposits amounted to $1.17B by March 2015, declining by 0.85% yearly from $1.18B in March 2014.

Total Shareholders’ Equity also grew y-o-y from $126.87M to $129.43M in Q1 2015.

BEMO Financial Highlights for Q1

Mar-15Mar-14% Change
Total assets ($B)                                     1.50                               1.481.35%
Customer deposits ($B)                                     1.17                               1.18-0.85%
Total Shareholders’ Equity ($M)                                 129.43                           126.872.02%
Net Profit ($M)                                     3.14                               2.7315.02%

Source: BSE News

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