BEMO Bank Calls for General Assembly

BEMO Bank’s board of directors invited its shareholders for an ordinary assembly that will be held at the bank’s headquarters in Riad el Solh, Beirut on May 29, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. The meeting’s agenda will cover, among other things, hearings of the board’s report and the auditors’ findings in 2014, approval of the financial statements of end 2014, clearing the chairman and boards’ administrative duties for the financial year 2014, and agreement on the remunerations of the bank’s chairman and board for the year 2014. Shareholders will be able to review the related documents to the article 197 of the Trade Act 15 days ahead of the meeting at the bank’s headquarters.

BEMO Listed Shares

BEMO Bank Calls for General Assembly

Source: Beirut Stock Exchange, Blominvest Research department


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