Number of Registered Cars down ticked 0.76% by April

According to the Association of Lebanese Car Importers, the number of newly registered commercial and passenger cars during the first 4 months of 2015 slipped by 0.76% year-on-year (y-o-y) to 11,418 cars despite the overlying factor that oil prices are on a bearish trend.

This was attributed to the 0.44% and 5.17% yearly declines in the number of newly registered passenger and commercial cars to 10,741 and 678, respectively. New commercial car registration might be falling due to hesitance of the commercial sector amid the presidential vacuum and political uncertainty in Lebanon.

Notably, there was a change in the market share of car importing-countries, due to the average 15% y-o-y depreciation of both the Japanese Yen and the Euro against the US dollar to Euro/Dollar 1.1198 and Dollar/Yen 119.38, respectively by End-April. For instance, Japanese cars were the most demanded cars in Lebanon in the first 4 months, with their share improving from 34.86% in 2014, to 39.82% in 2015. Meanwhile Korean cars lost their hold on the number one spot, going down from 40.88% to 33.09% in 2015. European cars maintained their third rank, however with a higher market share of 24.62%, compared 19.01% in 2014.

Looking at the car brand breakdown, Kia held the largest share of 19.45% of the total, followed by 17.38% for Toyota. Furthermore, Hyundai and Nissan respectively grasped shares of 15.37% and 10.64%.

In terms of sales per importer, Natco acquired the lion’s share, with an 18.29%, followed by BUMC (17.31%), Century Motors (14.77%) and RymCo (10.76%).

Breakdown of Passenger and Commercial Cars by April

Number of Registered Cars down ticked 0.76% by April

Source: AIA



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