Lebanese Bourse Witnessed Better Trading Activity Today

The Lebanese Bourse experienced a slight improvement in its trading performance today. In fact, the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) went up by 0.02% to 1,189.51 points, broadening its year-to-date gains to 1.64%.However, Trading activity substantially progressed as the traded volume edged up from 18,124 worth 161,274 to 262,044 worth $2.56M. In the banking sector, GDR shares of BLOM Bank and Bank Audi increased by 0.61% and 0.33% to $10.01 and $6.05, respectively. Similarly, Byblos Bank listed shares augmented by 0.62% to $1.62, whereas Byblos preferred shares 2009 lost 0.10% to $101.00. In addition, 250,000 cross-traded shares of BLOM Bank listed shares dropped by 0.51% to $9.75. In the real estate sector, Solidere shares class “A” and “B” fell by the same amount of 0.26% to settle at $11.45 and $11.37, respectively.  

Solidere (A)$11.45-0.26%197$11.45
Solidere (B)$11.37-0.26%767$11.37
BLOM GDR$10.010.61%7,730$10.01
BLOM Listed$9.75-0.51%250,000$9.75
Audi GDR$6.050.33%2,000$6.05
Audi Listed$6.23
Byblos Listed$1.620.62%1,100$1,782.00
Byblos Pref 09$101.00-0.10%250$101.00

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