BDL’s Total Assets Ticked Up 0.75% m-o-m to $90.68B in June

The Central Bank’s (BDL) balance sheet exposed a positive 0.75% monthly upturn in total assets to $90.68B by End-June, compared to $90.01B by End-May.

In terms of the assets’ category in the balance sheet, foreign assets, constituting 42.85% of total assets, increased by 0.70% to $38.86B. Due to ample foreign assets covering 28 months of imports, the central bank is well equipped to defend the Lebanese pound’s peg to the dollar. In contrast, the value of gold reserves (11.93% shares of total assets) decreased by 3.74% to $10.82B. The decrease in the value of gold reserves followed the slip in average international gold prices from $1,189.20/ounce in May to $1,172.35/ounce during the month of June. Moreover, securities portfolio (17.85% share of the total asset) augmented by 0.93% to $16.19B. Worth mentioning, loans to financial sector (5.12% share of total assets) rose by 3.41% to $4.64B.

In the liabilities section, financial sector deposits went up by 2.55% to $72.06B, contributing to 79.47% of the total liabilities. Meanwhile, the public sector deposits (7.01% share of total liabilities) experienced a monthly drop of 12.53% to $6.35B.

BDL’s Total Assets in June 2015 $B

BDL’s Total Assets Ticked Up 0.75% m-o-m to $90.68B in June

Source: BDL

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