Lower Transfers to EDL up to November 2014

According to the Ministry of Finance, transfers to EDL dropped by a yearly 3.6% to reach $1.81B up to November 2014. Excluding EDL’s debt service, the reimbursements for the purchase of gas and fuel from the two suppliers KPC and Sonatrach shrunk by a yearly 2.5% to $1.79B up to November 2014 as the quantity of imported gas oil during the consumption periods of May 2012-June 2013 and May 2013-June 2014 shrunk by 8.77%. EDL’s contribution to the total oil bill remained marginal, standing at 3.1% up to November 2014 compared to 2.7% up to November 2013 and 3.8% up to November 2012. Out of the government’s primary expenditures of $8.38B up to November 2014, EDL transfers represented a share of 21.6% compared to a share of 21.3% up to November 2013. 

Contribution of EDL in the Total Oil Bill, January to November of each year 

Lower Transfers to EDL up to November 2014

Source: Ministry of Finance 

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