The Lebanese Bourse Started the Week in the Green

The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) increased by 0.02% to 1,189.94 points following the trade of 49,755 shares worth $518,635. The BSI registered a 1.68% rise since the start of the year, and a 0.53% dip from its value a year ago.  In the banking sector, GDR shares of BLOM and Audi lost 0.80% and 1.77% to settle at the respective prices of $9.92 and $6.09. In contrast, BLC preferred shares class “A” gained 1.10% to $101.10. Meanwhile, Bank Audi listed shares traded with no change in price. In the real estate sector, Solidere “B” shares gained 2.67% to $11.92, while the Solidere “A” shares traded with no change in price.

Solidere (A)$11.914,469$11.73
Solidere (B)$11.922.67%2,090$11.92
BLOM GDR$9.92-0.80%11,960
BLOM Listed$9.70
Audi GDR$6.09-1.77%22,416$6.17
Audi Listed$6.017,420$6.01
BLC Pref A$101.101.10%1,400$101.07

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