BLOM Bank’s Net Profit Up by 6.21% in H1 2015

BLOM Bank released today its consolidated and unaudited financial results for the first half of 2015. Despite a weak Lebanese economy and a continuing unstable regional environment, the Bank maintained its balanced growth. Net profit increased to $190.35 million, higher by 6.21% from the first half of 2014, and driven by increases in profit of BLOM Bank’s foreign subsidiaries. Relative profitability also attained respectable ratios, with ROAE reaching 14.86% and ROAA 1.35%. And this performance in profitability was underpinned by BLOM Bank’s notable operational efficiency, as reflected in its cost-to-income ratio of 37.75%, the lowest among listed banks.

BLOM Bank’s Financial Highlights, In USD 

 30/06/201531/12/2014% change
Loans and Advances to customers7,000,158,5416,887,967,4961.63%
Total Assets28,617,164,84227,974,645,4392.30%
Customer Depostis24,617,316,08623,879,884,5773.09%
Shareholders’ Equity2,535,897,1812,522,771,4760.52%
Net Profit190,350,912 (*)179,221,8916.21%

(*) June 2014 Figure

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