The Lebanese Bourse Experienced a Negative Performance Today

 The negative performance of real estate sector triggered down the Lebanese Bourse during the 1st session of the week.  The BLOM Stock Index (BSI) fell by 0.13% to 1,167.39 points, widening its year-to-date loss to 0.24%. In the real estate sector, Solidere A and B shares were marked by a 1.83% and 0.09% drop to settle at the same quote of $10.75, respectively. In the banking sector, Byblos preferred shares 2008 and BLC preferred shares class “A” lost 0.40% and 0.59% to settle at $100.60 and $100.50, respectively. In contrast, Bank of Beirut preferred shares class “E”, Bank Audi GDR shares, and BLOM Bank listed shares gained 1.18%, 0.17% and 0.53% to close the session at respective quotes of $25.80, $6.00 and $9.55.  Meanwhile, BLOM GDR shares, Bank Audi listed shares and Bank of Beirut preferred shares class “J” traded with no change in price.


Traded StocksLastPreviousChangeVolumeVwap
Solidere (A)$10.75$10.95-1.83%25,578$10.76
Solidere (B)$10.75$10.76-0.09%2,361$10.73
BLOM GDR$10.00$10.0015,500$10.00
BLOM Listed$9.55$9.500.53%50,000$9.55
Audi GDR$6.00$5.990.17%80,850$6.00
Audi  Listed$6.00$6.009,110$6.00
Byblos Pref 08$100.60$101.00-0.40%250$100.60
BLC Pref A$100.50$101.10-0.59%300$100.50
BoB Pref E$25.80$25.501.18%8,000$25.80
BoB Pref J $   25.75 $   25.758,127$25.75


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