Protests Weighed  Down the Lebanese Bourse Today

Amidst the continued Chinese Stock market crash and the escalating demonstrations in Lebanon, the BLOM Stock Index (BSI) dropped by 1.29% to reach an 87- week low of 1,148.81, broadening its year-to-date loss to 1.83%. Nevertheless, the volume of traded shares remained low with no more than 100K shares trading today, which means the drop in the Lebanese gauge is reflecting wider spreads and the lack of market depth rather than a massive selling activity.  In details, in the real estate sector, Solidere class A shares plunged by 6.36% in one day to reach $10.01, while its class B shares dropped 2.57% to settle $10.24. In the banking sector, BLOM GDR shares, Byblos Listed shares and Audi GDR shares declined by 0.61%, 1.83% and 0.50% to reach $9.85, $1.61 and $5.97, respectively. BLOM preferred shares 2011 also fell by 0.49% to end up at $10.10 while Byblos preferred shares 2009 gained 0.10% to stand at $100.70. In the industrial sector, Holcim shares also recorded a 5.04% loss to end the session at $14.51.

Traded StocksLast ($)Previous ($)ChangeVolumeVwap ($)
Solidere (A)10.0110.69-6.36%23,22110.24
Solidere (B)10.2410.51-2.57%15,70010.31
BLOM GDR9.859.91-0.61%7,0009.85
Audi  Listed6.006.001,8346.00
Byblos Listed1.611.64-1.83%12,9881.61
Audi GDR5.976.00-0.50%33,7605.97
BLOM Pref 1110.1010.15-0.49%57310.10
BoB Pref I25.7525.751,40025.75
Byblos Pref 09100.70100.600.10%3,123100.70


 LastPrevious  ChangeY-t-D  Change
Val $1,064,668 $1,204,562-11.61%

Val $356,319 $477,718-25.41%












































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