Solid Waste Management in Lebanon

After the 15-year civil war that Lebanon endured, plans were put in place to alleviate the wounds of the war. Solid Waste Management (SWM) was one of the priorities of the Lebanese government. SWM solutions require long-term vision and political commitment and consensus. So far, in the absence of both, the Lebanese government has been relying on emergency response measures.

In 1997, in consultation with the Ministry of Environment, the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) adopted the Emergency Plan for SWM in Beirut and Mount Lebanon (except for Byblos district), which is still in force today. The plan contracted Averda Group (Holding company of Sukleen and Sukomi) to collect, treat, and landfill solid waste. Outside Great Beirut, municipalities and federations are responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of municipal waste and assume all related costs.

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Solid Waste Management in Lebanon

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