HOLCIM’s Stand-Alone Net Profit Decreased Yearly to $2.04 M in H1 2015

According to the unaudited financial statements, HOLCIM recorded a net profit of $2.04 M in H1 2015 compared to $9.38M in H1 2014. Gross profit margin saw a yearly decrease from 30.73% in H1 2014 to 27.90% by June 2015, on the back of the decrease in sales by 28.47% to $66.67M which outweighed the 25.55% decrease in cost of sales to $48.07M, over the same period. The fall in HOLCIM’s sales goes in line with the 15.59% yearly decline in cement deliveries in Lebanon to 2.36M tons by June 2015.

On the balance sheet, total assets increased from $269.21M in H1 2014 to $275.14M by end of June 2015. In details, inventory increased by 8.41% year-to-date to $41.14M and receivables increased by 0.37% from H1 2014 to $45.38M, over the same period. Total shareholders’ equity went up from $221.68 in H1 2014 to $227.23M by the end of June.

HOLCIM’s Financial Highlights ($M)

H1 2014H1 2015Change
Cost of Sales64.5748.07-25.55%
Gross Profit28.6418.6-35.06%
Gross Profit Margin30.73%27.90%
Net Profit9.382.04-78.25%
Net Profit Margin10.06%3.06%

Source: BSE News

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