Euro Worsened Against the Dollar on Wednesday

At 11:30 Beirut time, the Euro was quoted at $/€ 1.1281, the equivalent of €/LBP 1,700.61, depreciating against the US Dollar by 0.32% from yesterday’s close.

This mainly came as a result of the lower than expected PMI in the Eurozone, in August.

Locally, the Lebanese Pound steadied versus the Dollar at a quote of LP/$ 1,506-1,510 with a mid-price of LP/$ 1,508.

Compared to the pool of currencies of Lebanon’s major trading partners, the purchasing power of the Lebanese pound improved as reflected by the NEER, published by BLOMINVEST, which added 0.10% to 166.57 today.

Foreign Exchange MarketLast PricePreviousChangeY-t-D
$/LBP1,508.001,508.00      –
€/LBP1,700.61 1,706.04-0.32%

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