The Lebanese Cigarettes Industry: An Upgraded Production & New Trends


The report aims to explore the existing market for tobacco-based products in Lebanon. It focuses on the contribution of the “cigarettes” industry to the economy and does not tackle “smoking” or tobacco-consumption from a “public health” viewpoint. The main findings highlight the market size of the cigarettes industry, the key market players, their challenges, competition, modern industry trends, top products, and strategies set by distributors and manufacturers of tobacco-products to ensure sustainability of their businesses amidst changing customer preferences and the smoking environment.

Nonetheless, the research also identifies a data gap on the large portion of tobacco-based products (cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, and mouassal) due to “illicit trade” channels in Lebanon. The study therefore touches lightly on the cigars, cigarillos, and shisha markets, while it focuses on “cigarettes” as more comprehensive data and inferences on the latter can be shared by the Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs et Tombacs (Regie), the national tobacco state-run monopoly actively combatting cross-border smuggling. 

 Report Outline: 

  • The First Cigarette: A Historical Snapshot
  • Lebanese Market Players: The Commercial Dynamics
  • Market Size and Revenue-Sharing
  • Trends in the Lebanese Cigarettes Industry & Top Products
  • Ways Forward


For the full report, kindly click below:

The Lebanese Cigarettes Industry, An Upgraded Production& New Trends

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