1,274 pages in 15 pages: The McKinsey Report in a Nutshell


The purpose of this study is to present the now-popular 1,274 page McKinsey report in an illustrative, user-friendly, and shorter version that focuses on the key takeaways for Lebanon’s economy and its future potential. This paper aims to render the findings appreciated by economists or policy-makers, but also by citizens, avid readers, students, researchers interested in keeping-up with Lebanon’s economic diagnosis.

The original report was thrust centre-stage last month, becoming part of the Lebanese policy-making, the reason why this study will present an overview of McKinsey’s line of thought in all 8 sections of the report, for an accurate picture of most content and key findings. However, the paper strictly elaborates on 4 core sections of the McKinsey which we judged are “of utmost relevance” to the priorities of the newly-formed government. The highlighted sections are: “The Vision: Lebanon’s Economic Aspirations”, “The [six] Sectoral Engines for Lebanon’s economic growth” (i.e. the most productive sectors), “Required Enablers to support the aspirations”, and the “Flagship projects”, as per McKinsey.

This report stays true to the findings of the original McKinsey Report throughout, but it also adds and concludes with the authors’ take on some approaches and findings.

For the full report, kindly follow the link: 1,274 pages in 15 pages: The McKinsey Report in a Nutshell

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