Lebanon’s Organic Food Industry: A Growth Opportunity


This study aims to shed light on the organic food industry in Lebanon and infer its positive contribution to the Lebanese economy on the medium and long- term. The growing industry will also entail socio-economic changes linked to consumer tastes and the national food and beverage (F&B) industry. The market research collects, assimilates, and cross-verifies  primary data from 8 key market players in the Lebanese organic food industry who were interviewed or/and phone interviewed to share insights, know how, and industry expertise.

The interviewees include: Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, the only ‘organic’ certification body in Lebanon CCPB Middle East control and certification affiliated to Italian-based CCPB; Biomass, among the growing producers of organic agricultural & animal produce, processed organic and a distributor; Jbeily Farm producer of organic agricultural products; Le Potager producer & distributor of organic agricultural and animal produce (affiliated organic shop La Vie Claire); Organic Taste of Life and Olive Trade, two producers of organic agricultural & processed produce; and lastly, Better Life Market online & in-store organic shop.

Key findings reveal the market for organic food can be a window of opportunity for the Lebanese “youth” to invest and engage in the national economic cycle. The industry may also become an additional tool to nurture Lebanon’s growth driver, the tourism sector, via agro tourism.


For the full report, kindly follow the link below:

Lebanon’s Organic Food Industry: A Growth Opportunity


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