Value and Number of Kafalat Plunged by November 2018

According to Kafalat, the number of loan guarantees dropped from 520 guarantees by November 2017 to 300 guarantees by November 2018. The overall value of the guarantees lost 39.39% year-on-year (y-o-y) to stand at $38.58M by November 2018, compared to a value of $63.66M over the same period in 2017.

By November 2018, the top three beneficiaries of Kafalat guarantees were the sectors of agriculture, industry, and tourism, grasping the respective shares of 38%, 36.67%, and 20%. In fact, the number of loan guarantees to the sectors of agriculture, industry, and tourism declined from 200, 179, and 112 to 114, 110, and 60, respectively.

In terms of the regional breakdown, 43.33% of the guarantees were granted in Mount Lebanon, followed by 17% distributed in the Bekaa, and 12% in the North. The number of guarantees reached 130, 51, and 36 in Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa, and the North, respectively compared to 219, 93, and 50

Value of Kafalat Guarantees by November (in $M)


Source: Kafalat



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